Paracord Survival Grenade

Paracord Survival Grenade


16 Pc Paracord Survival Grenade.

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This handy 16 piece paracord survival grenade with carabiner is the perfect “set and forget” essential survival utility tool. ┬áSimply use it as a key chain or attach to your bug-out-bag or belt loop and it’ll be there when you need it most. ┬áThe comprehensive kit contains the following survival tools;

* 9ft of seven strand 500lb rated military spec paracord
* EasyClip Carabiner
* Fire Starting Tinder – Fast ignition and hot burning
* Aluminum Foil Section – For signalling or cooking
* Eye Knife – For small cutting jobs and flint striking
* Mini Scalpal Knife – For fine or precision cutting jobs
* 6ft Wire – For snaring or binding
* Ferrocerium Magnesium Flint Lighter
* 2 x 15ft fishing line
* 2 x fishing sinkers
* 2 x fishing hooks
* 2 x fishing bait floats
* 2 x fishing swivels

Available in Black/Red, Olive/Yellow, Camo, Desert Camo/Olive, Grey/Orange

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Black/Red, Olive/Yellow, Camo, Desert Camo/Olive, Grey/Orange