Extrema Ratio 39-09 Combat Knife

Extrema Ratio 39-09 Combat Knife


Extrema Ratio 39-09 paratrooper combat knife with hard ankle sheath and Forprene handle.


This bad ass combat knife is the Extrema Ratio restyling of the Model 1939 “paracadutista assaltatore” (assault paratrooper) knife, a celebrated piece of Italian military history. While preserving the original shape, structure and proportions, Extrema Ratio have managed to reinforce, add increased functionality and manufacture this knife to contemporary military specifications from up-to-date materials. These small changes have made it a highly effective, dependable dagger. The included hard sheath is designed to be worn at the ankle, in the characteristic fashion of Italian paratroopers. The version 39-09 COMBAT is the compact version with 160mm blade and thigh sheath.


Extrema Ratio 39-09 Combat Knife Specs

Weight g.:306
Weight oz.:10,8
Blade Length (mm):160
Blade Length (in):6,3
Total Length (mm):284
Total Length (in):11,2
Blade Thickness (mm):6,3
Blade Thickness (in):0,25
Blade Material:BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
Blade Finishing:MIL-C-13924 BURNISHING
Main Grid:FLAT
Handle Material:FORPRENE


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